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Welcome to dV-Net

Global, easily and quickly informed

To meet the challenges of digital mutation, especially in cybersecurity, each entity must be informed simply, on time and in all relevant areas in order to defend its interests and seize opportunities. The federal government, large cantons, and major companies often have the resources to do so. A municipality, an SME or a private individual on the other hand, are helplessly at the mercy of the four Vs Volume, Variety, Velocity, and Veracity.

Data volume, data variety, real-time data processing and data quality requirements overwhelm most of them. They lack time, resources and substantial competencies. As for commercial products , they are often not adapted to the means and needs of these actors.

Even if an entity is small, it must have access to quality strategic information at a bearable price. This is why we have developed dV-Net, primarily for individuals, SMEs, cantons and municipalities, in order to offer them a range of services that meet their needs, in an accessible form and quantity, and at a modest price.

A continuously improved support

With dV-Net, subscribers have access to a unique and constantly improving offer to which they can contribute in a co-creation logic.

Thus dV-Net follows a logic of anticipation, empowerment and risk reduction in order to help its subscribers strengthen their strategic capacities to master the challenges and dangers of the digital mutation in the long term.

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